DIY Wedding Candles for a Beach Wedding

DIY Wedding Candles for a Beach Wedding

Weddings are the happiest times in most couples lives. They can be stressful as well because of the high costs that are associated with planning a dream wedding. One way that some brides, grooms and their families are finding to cut down on costs is to do some of the decorations for the church and reception areas by themselves. An inexpensive and beautiful option for brides looking for a centerpiece for their tables is a DIY Beach Wedding Candle Display. This is a great option for most brides as the colors are relatively neutral, the materials are inexpensive and the displays themselves are easy to put together.

The first thing the bride will need to do when working on her DIY Beach Wedding Candle centerpiece is to decide how big it needs to be. After making this decision she’ll want to decide how many displays she needs. After these choices are made the fun and creative part comes in.

Supplies Needed

Most of the supplies needed for this type of centerpiece can either be found at a local craft store, dollar store or the beach. The most expensive of these purchases will be the trays themselves and they should cost around a dollar each. The trays should have a slight lip on them so they are easier to carry and less messy to transport. A few bags of sand can also be purchased at the craft store for the centerpieces or the bride could go to the beach and get the sand for free. If the bride does chose to get her own sand she’ll want to make sure to sift it before using it in her display to remove any impurities.

Next the bride will want to pick up some glass candle holders. One or two will work best for most displays. The bride can also customize her display at this point by picking out a candle to put in her display that matches with the bridesmaid’s dresses or any other colors she might be using for her decorations. After getting these items the bride will want to pick up the rest of the decorations for her beach theme. This can include things like beautiful rocks, dried starfish or sand dollars and assorted shells.

Assembling Your Beach Wedding Candles

Next comes assembly. The bride can decide to do this herself, or recruit her bridesmaids to help out and make it an occasion. She could offer pizza and drinks and play beach music to add fun to her assembly party. The actual assembly of the displays is really as simple as one, two, three. First place the tray down. Next fill the candle holders with sand, a candle and possibly some shells to add interest. After placing the filled candle holder on the tray the bride and her crew can add shells to the tray to complete the beach theme. All in all these DIY Beach Wedding Candle’s should only cost a few dollars each unlike store bought displays which can be $20 or more a piece.

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